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About Christian

I am an architecture and interiors photographer based in Miami, Fl. Although I was born in Puerto-Rico, South, FL has been home for as long as I can remember.

I once took a cinematography class in high school as an elective hoping to get an "easy A" for watching movies. It ended up being a critical point in my life as it planted the seeds for a lifelong love for light and composition. I learned just how powerful a picture can be, and how susceptible our emotions are to what we see. I give that class all the credit in the world for putting a camera in my hand.

After a couple of years spent freelancing as a video editor and camera op, I was looking for a change and stumbled onto taking photos of properties just as the real estate market was crashing.

I quickly grew tired of the super wide, overcooked HDR that’s par for the course in that industry.

Since then, I've worked hard to hone my craft and develop a style that utilizes the colors and detail of flash photography while preserving the direction and “feel” of a space’s natural, ambient light. In the process, I have had some pretty cool opportunities to shoot incredible spaces for amazing clients.

I've also expanded into other forms of digital media such as portraiture and film production.

I am grateful to call Miami home. It’s a city in a perpetual state of reinvention, which means I always have a fresh supply of buildings to shoot when I need a little time to myself or some new inspiration.

In the rare moment that you see me without a camera in my hand, it's likely that I am getting a workout, trying to keep my garden alive, or going fanatical for Miami Heat Basketball.