About Christian…

I am an architecture and interiors photographer based in Miami, Fl. Although I was born in Puerto-Rico, South, FL has been home for as long as I can remember.

I once took a cinematography class in high school as an elective hoping to get an "easy A" for “slacking off and watching movies.” Who’d a thought it’d be the most pivotal decision of my life? I give that class all the credit for putting a camera in my hand, for teaching me how to “see” the world in terms of light and shadow, and for showing me the god-like power images can wield over human emotions.

For some reason, I majored in English in college and spent six miserable months as a copywriter in an agency. After some meandering and soul searching, I started freelancing as a camera operator and editor and stumbled into taking photos of properties just as the real estate market was crashing. 

I quickly grew tired of the super wide, overcooked HDR that’s par for the course in that industry and looked for a more creative frontier.

Since then, I've worked hard to hone my craft and develop a style that utilizes the colors and detail of flash photography while preserving the direction and “feel” of a space’s natural, ambient light. I bend, shape and paint with light in a way that makes me feel like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix!

Throughout this journey, I have had some pretty cool opportunities to shoot incredible projects for amazing clients and have expanded into other forms of digital media such as environmental portraiture and film production.

In the rare moment that you see me without a camera in my hand, it's likely that I am getting a workout, trying to keep my garden alive, or watching Miami Heat basketball, yelling at the TV as if I could do better.